The Perfect Dress for Under $100: How I Bought My Wedding Dress

So confession time, I actually started looking for my wedding dress before I was ever even engaged. I had been pinning dream dresses to my Pinterest for years but when I met my now husband I started to actually click on the links that went with the Pinterest pictures and boy was I disappointed. Most of the pictures I had chosen had links to private wedding designers that had to make your dress custom or they had links to dress shops who’s lowest price dress was over $2,000.
This was so discouraging for me, I knew I wanted to get married before I graduated college but I had no idea how my boyfriend and I would ever pay for it. We were (and still are) both putting ourselves through college full time.
After my boyfriend proposed, my wedding dress hunting hobby became an obsession. I had to find the perfect dress. Unfortunately, when I went to popular wedding dress sites like David’s Bridal I found that all of the dresses in my price range were so plain and not my style, so I kept searching. Eventually I decided to try the website that sells ALL things as a Hail Mary. I went to Amazon.
How could this story end well with Amazon? Well I typed wedding dresses into the search bar and quickly found hundreds of dresses for sale all in my price range. I was shocked. I began filtering through them and found several that were beautiful. It was pretty easy and obvious to spot the poor quality “dupe” dresses and if I’m being honest, the majority of the dresses I saw on Amazon were of that variety, but I kept searching. I made sure to read every single review before I narrowed down some viable choices. I looked into shipping costs, size charts and delivery times. Tip: to avoid buying a dress that doesn’t fit I recommend looking into dresses that have lace-up backs. Though size charts are usually provided, nothing can guarantee the dress will fit you perfectly, we are all such different shapes! A dress with a lace-up back allows you to tighten your dress perfectly to your body and if you gain or loose weight before the wedding it won’t matter too much.
I finally found one dress for $100 that I loved. I was so nervous to buy a dress from Amazon but I knew that if it turned out terrible $100 wasn’t as bad as spending $1,000 on one that I didn’t really even like from David’s Bridal. The reviews for the dress were great and several buyers had posted their own pictures of the dress in their reviews. Tip: Never buy something on Amazon without looking at review pictures first! So many people have been duped into buying a dress that looked nothing like the picture in the link they ordered from.
I discovered that this dress was made to order and I provided my exact measurements to the company via email in order to have my dress custom sized. This was actually a pretty common feature of dresses on Amazon, which is amazing!
So, I took the plunge and ordered the dress. I was so nervous. It took about three weeks to get to me and the minute I put it on I was in love. (Tip: make sure to order your dress months in advance regardless of where it is from. You never know if you will need alterations or if you are going to actually like it once you put it on). It fit me perfectly and I was so shocked. It was a tiny bit wrinkled from the shipping but it was easily steamed for the wedding day.
Overall my Amazon wedding dress shopping experience went so well and I was so excited to put it on in my wedding day. I made sure to write my own review for the company and added my own pictures so that another girl could find their dream dress on a budget!
Here are some pictures from my Amazon Review

Here are some pictures from my Amazon Review

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