Why I Started a Blog

Looking back now I think it was a little bit silly of me not to have written this post when I first started my blog. I kind of just jumped into the ring and started throwing posts at you but I never explained why I started and why writing is so important to me.

I see so much beauty in the written word because I can fully develop my thoughts and feelings without getting bogged down by social cues, distractions, and mis-said words, all of which happen during ordinary conversation. I think it is pretty obvious that I tend to have issues with social anxiety, especially with unplanned interactions where I can’t plan out what I am going to say before I say it. I often feel like I come across air-headed and cynical in person but I think it is because I can’t ever fit what I am truly thinking into a normal-length conversation. I am a deep thinker but I am also a blunt speaker, so generally I say whatever I am thinking and I almost always will tell you what I believe to be the truth. This usually lands me in hot water because my filter doesn’t kick in in time.

When I write I can take the time to truly think about what I am saying. I can edit and rethink my words and I can make sure that I am saying something that I truly believe in. I feel like I can let somebody know the real me through my writing so much better than I can in person. (Note: I am working on my social problems everyday though, because I know they are not healthy.) Because of this, I am a fan of writing letters and now I am a fan of writing blog posts.

When you read my blog posts I hope you understand that I am trying to tell you about my heart. Each blog post is a personal letter to you, who I am trying to form a relationship with. I want you to know who I am and I hope, in turn, that will make it easier for you to tell me about you. I want to know you, whoever is reading this!

I know that sometimes I write about fun things or silly things and sometimes I post vlogs but those are usually about things that are important to me too. They are part of my personality/character/hobbies and I hope they entertain you as much as they they build our relationship.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. When you read it I know you are taking specific and personal time to get to know me and I hope I can return the favor. Please let me know that you have been here in the comments below.

So SO much love,


  • Brittni

    You’re a great writer and I relate so much when you talk about how it comes easier to you, and allows you to fully develop ideas and get them across adequately. I enjoy reading your posts & watching your videos❤️ keep it up!

    • ashleyshort24

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate that and it’s so nice to know that somebody else relates 💛 Thank you so much for reading/watching! 😊

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